Take Action


Education extends beyond the classroom and is more than the student and teacher relationship. focuses on the K-12 academic track and college education but also places an emphasis on self-education and the value of learning through life experiences.

Those Who Teach- Our students are successful is in large part to the educators who open and shape their minds. has developed a program that is centered on the teachers and coaches that are shaping our youth. Providing them with necessary tools and equipment as well as showing them the much deserved appreciation

Prep Program- The Prep Program focuses on providing basic and technological supplies to students and educators for educational and classroom success


The human race and the environment is a relationship that has a direct affect upon each other. The Earth provides us with natural resources that are essential to our life.

Our choices and actions play a vital role in health of the world we live in. Efforts in reducing waste, pollution control, conserving energy and fuel alternatives influences our personal wellbeing and health.

Program- Our Space, Our World – program designed to teach the importance of the relationship we have with the environment and the direct affect it has on us. Creating and implementing plans and strategies that introduce the factors that shape the world we live in and the life we lead

Health & Wellness

Physical, social, mental and emotional health is vital to one’s quality of life. By taking responsibility for our health and well-being we can improve our daily health and begin to influence the factors that shape our state of wellness.

Program - Better Health & Wellness is an out reach program that is designed to educate and empower members of the community to make better choices that influence personal wellness. Better Health & Wellness focuses on getting community members to adapt healthier lifestyles while placing a strong focus on nutrition, regular exercise and preventative care.

Community Support.

Community Support is an effort to bring members of the community together to benefit the common good. works with community members to combine service with advocacy, education, and social action to empower communities to work for change. is part of a process that brings people together to collectively address problems and concerns with the goal of enhancing self-determination and achieving greater equality.

Program- We Are One. The ability to relate and connect with others, contribute to the common welfare of society through service to others and address the relationship between an individual and members of various communities