Posting Love & Encouragement

Have you recently discovered a sticky note? Are you interested in leaving a note of your own? Are you curious about the note? You’re in the right place!

The purpose of is to spread positivity, love and encouragement. One of our methods is through the #PLECHALLENGE. The #PLECHALLENGE is simple, write a positive and encouraging message and leave the note in a random place.

The #PLECHALLENGE is dedicated to sharing and spreading positivity, love and encouragement. In an effort to do so, messages are written on sticky notes and left in random places and given to random people. Our goal is to be that extra boost of encouragement and to put smiles on the faces of those that surround us.

Strive to be a giver of encouragement when a person least expects it. Messages can range from telling someone how much they matter, an inspirational quote or saying that things will be ok. We challenge you to leave three positive notes per week. Day one should spread positivity, day two should spread love and day three should be encouraging. Don't forget to end each note with #PLECHALLENGE

Rise Up Take Courage & Do It!