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Give More Movement is a social impact organization whose mission is to spread positivity, love and encouragement by inspiring and empowering community members through social media. We aim to address issues of living in the age of technology and forms of communication.

Our goal is to infiltrate social media feeds with positive, inspiring & informative content in order to connect individuals to real and direct information in hopes of inspiring change. More positive content to overshadow the negative. As human beings, it is our right to not only secure our own success but to help those around us as well. Give More Movement has developed a system in which those around us are able to receive resources and support when needed. We do not limit the word “give” to be interpreted as the monetary aspect that it is commonly associated with. When we use the term “give” it is to be followed by what it is you want to see more of in the world. For us, it’s positivity, love, and encouragement. hat

It’s a personal commitment to give more on your end to then, in turn, have an affect on the receiving person that they are then motivated to follow your lead; to ultimately create the greatest snowball effect of all time. Give More, Love More. In a time where people are so focused on themselves, we acknowledge that there is more to life. Just as often as we encourage ourselves and speak positively on our own doing we should share that with others. Rise Up Take Courage & Do It!

Social Awareness - the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others; to be conscious or aware of the problems within a society or community.

Social Change- the transformation of culture and social institutions over time; the changes that take place in human interactions and interrelations.

Together these make for an unstoppable force with endless possibilities on change, acceptance, and awareness. In a time where social media has grown from a hobby to a priority; we at see it as an area that can be utilized for good. Together we can raise awareness, help members of the community and use our voices to create change in all aspects of life.

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Spread Love
Spread Encouragement